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My Mission

“ To shape the future of healthcare consulting delivering daily unprecedented value, strategies, service, technology, and trusted guidance to every professional or individual I may have the honor to serve”

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Gabriela Benitez


With over 18 years of healthcare experience and thousands of hours of education, Gabriela has become the “go to” reputable agent in both the Latino and mainstream communities.


a native Spanish speaker who has always held a clear vision of what is most important and carries herself with a high degree of integrity. Her passion is to advocate for businesses financial growth and consumer education.


Experience includes CEO/President, president of marketing, business development, producer, TV spokesperson, account management, legal compliance, trainer, director, business consultant and keynote speaker.

Leading by example

“I am not about developing followers rather empowering businesses to access easy non-pressured evaluation that will in return prepare the very best situations for both employers and employees.”

What They’re Saying

We feel that service has a higher monetary value than often perceived. Gabriela has continuously impressed us by her in-depth healthcare knowledge and personal touch. With her guidance we were able to find affordable health insurance for our employees. Something distinct about her is as we have run into industry confusions with our company outside of employee benefits, Gabriela’s knowledge and business relationships have been instrumental.

Jim Isbell

Gabriela analyzed our situation every year and provided not only the best competitive options but most importantly helped us navigate through the confusing health care reform health exchange which resulted in a 40% savings for our company.

Colleen Cloward

Gabriela Benitez worked very hard to find out what she could offer and meet the needs of our company. She is very personal, yet professional. When you are talking to her you feel like you are her best and only client. She really cares about our company. I would highly recommend Gabriela to other business associates.

Jill Anstead
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