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My Story

I grew up in a small town called St. Anthony, Idaho.  Being the daughter of a single father and potato farm worker, I never had health insurance growing up. In fact, I went to the dentist for the first time at age 21.  My dad used to tell me “health insurance is for rich people.”

At the early age of fifteen, I was asked to do my first Spanish health and safety training.  Little did I know that later on this would become part of my mission in life. Now I have helped hundreds of businesses improve their healthcare consumer education. I have also been a dedicated advocate for businesses to afford healthcare insurance.  More often than not business wonder why Health Care Reform is called the Affordable Care Act, since it didn’t make their health insurance premiums affordable. Well I can help with that.


My Resume

In 2011 I was privileged to collaborate with the Utah office of Economic Development, insurance carriers, state holders and technology partners in the early stages of Health Care Reform and the development of the Utah Exchange. This experience was crucial to my career as it provided insight to key functions that contributed to the improvement of healthcare ( I am trying to say helped me to understand medical risk, underwriting in depth and implement in my practices to find better rates) . Since there are so many confusing aspects of healthcare, it has been a long journey to precisely develop a well-thought-out mechanism to make the best sense of healthcare and its system. With the determination to deliver bottom line results, it’s a priority to create the best culture for my team and to be part of my clients prosperity.

My hybrid approach, “back to basics or old school” experience combined with fresh ideas, has shined light on too many missed saving opportunities for businesses. Don’t let this happen to your business. You never know what is being missed.

Experience and Integrity

Over 18 years of broad knowledge in all aspects of the healthcare benefit industry. Created, from scratch, proven out of the box prospecting “systems” reaching untapped markets and generating unexpected/additional ROI. With a strong professional reputation that is second to none, unmatched credibility and integrity.

How Can I Help You?

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