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Case Study #1

Met with HR Director of a 25 enrolled employee company who was confident that they were on the best situation possible but the CEO asked to get a second opinion. Only a few pieces of information was provided and a few days later a presentation was done.  

They were paying $27,711.68 a month with carrier A on a $1K deductible traditional plan. After a thorough evaluation the same plan design was presented with the same provider network the only difference was the insurance carrier.  Carrier B was able to offer them a 19.35% savings. This is a $5,362.21 savings a month and $64,346.52 a year. Additionally, introducing the right HSA plan gave them an extra 15% savings, and lowered their maximum out of pocket.

Total annual savings of over $73K

Case Study #2

Company with 167 enrolled employees.  Dual option $1,500 & $2,000 deductible. Current broker had renewed them with the same carrier for all of their lines of coverages for over a few years.  We took all lines out to bid and found new carriers. Because of our comprehensive evaluation and thorough underwriting medical data and market analysis we were able to create a savings with a new carrier of over 20%.   This resulted in a medical plan savings of $14,115 monthly and $169,380 annually. In addition company saved 17.4% on the life and disability, savings of $7,036 annually. Additionally, dental savings of $9,264 annually.

Total Annual savings: $185K

Just For You

We Design Your Customer Experience


Know where you stand Business growth consulting; 3-5 year mapping.  You will feel relieved knowing where you are heading.


3D visual of your current business position and know what strategic resources are available and when to use them.


knowing that your situation is studied in depth, we simplify the process and only the right opportunities are presented.


Delegate your HR workload.


Able to retain talented individuals (expand) attract new talent to your business

Happier Employees

Help validate healthcare costs will reduce confusion

Excited, New Talent

Attraction to affordable health care premiums.

Financially Rewarded

With overall insurance premiums while connecting health and safety in the workplace.


Knowing that you will be taken care of like one of our very own family members.


Improved culture and overall behavior.